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Biff Sanders – Principal Composer, Musical Director


Also known as Harold Barefoot Sanders III, “Biff” has been a long time LA based musician, producer, and engineer. Biff founded Barefoot Music in 2002 after working several years doing Disney Channel and Toon Disney music branding. His first complete scoring gig was Project Greenlight 2 and 3 for HBO. Soon after he became a regular composer for the acclaimed production house Magical Elves, doing the complete score and title themes for their Emmy award winning shows Project Runway and Top Chef. Both of which have become two of the biggest shows on cable TV. Biff has a long history of collaborating with fine artists also. He has helped produce and create music with LA artists such as Raymond Pettibon, Wayne White, Jim Shaw, Dani Tull, Marnie Weber, and Liz Young. Besides an extensive creative network Biff has also played drums, done additional midi programming, co-produced, and collaborated with numerous bands and artists such as Beck, Nels Cline, Eric Avery, Carla Bozulich, Peter Distefano, Mike Watt, Grant Lee Phillips, and Barry Adamson.



Aaron R. Kaplan – Principal Composer


Aaron began working with Barefoot Music in 2005 as a composer on Top Chef andProject Runway. His successful collaborations with Biff have helped to create a sonic identity for many of Bravo’s hit reality shows. As a producer, and multi-instrumentalist his work can be heard on projects as diverse as “Ironman” and “Monsters vs. Aliens” soundtracks, recent albums by Rod Stewart, and on the hit TV shows The Closer, Glee, and NCIS: LA. After graduating from Berklee College of Music in 1996, Aaron began his career in New York working for Elias and Associates on the Atlanta Summer Olympics and later, Right Track studios. After relocating to LA, his career broadened from engineering music for albums and commercials to include work as a touring guitarist and session player on numerous film and television soundtracks.


Mathew G. Mcgaughey – Principal Composer 


Matthew has been a member of the Barefoot Music team since 2006 when he began writing for NBC’s Treasure Hunters and Bravo’s Project Runway. Since then he has held a prominent position on many Barefoot projects. In addition to his work with Barefoot Music, he has scored 8 feature films and contributed music to many more. Some recent titles include: “Butterfly Dreaming,” “Chasing Tchaikovsky,” “Primal,” and the new documentary “Make Believe.” Mathew holds a Bachelors of Music from the acclaimed Eastman School of Music and a PhD in Composition from the University of York in the UK. In 2003 he founded Sin Fronteras, a nonprofit organization dedicated to crossing cultural borders through arts and music education. Through it, he has organized several events at Los Angeles City College where he also teaches composition and electronic music.



Ali A. Memarian – Music Supervisor


Ali A. Memarian is the in-house Music Supervisor for Barefoot Music. He grew up living sort of a musical double life, with one foot in formal classical training, and the other in the Southern California alternative garage rock scene before leaving for Boston to attend Berklee College of Music. Graduating with a focus on songwriting in 2006, he returned to Los Angeles where he began working for Barefoot Music. Between this and stints in music publishing, licensing and a gig as music librarian for CBS Radio he was inspired toward a master’s degree in Musicology at Claremont Graduate University. These days he is rarely ever seen without his laptop and a pair of headphones, as he freelance writes for various art and music publications and puts his musicological training to use managing Barefoot Music’s entire catalogue of work.




Daniel L. Heath – Composer


Daniel, coming from a diverse musical background, adds a nice flair to the Barefoot Music team. Having worked on The Fashion Show, Launch My line, Top Chef Masters, Kell On Earth, and Just Deserts Daniel has been immersed in creating many different styles of music. Growing up in London and being very much a part of the uprising of electronic music, he has been able to re‐create some of that existing energy for Barefoot. From DJ’ing raves to playing classical piano recitals growing up, Daniel went to Berklee College Of Music in Boston where he studied composition and Film Scoring. Immediately afterwards he landed a job in Los Angeles assisting Hans Zimmer at Remote Control Productions. During this course he was part of the music team for “Pirates Of the Caribbean,” “The Holiday,” and “The Da Vinci Code.” Whilst working there he was introduced to Blake Neely and started to do additional music and sound Design for many of Blake’s projects including, The Mentalist, Traveler, and “Elvis and Annabelle.”